Hollywood Glam Themed E-session in Atlanta

Terrell hit a lucky strike when he met Ashlynn during a freshman week bowling party at Clemson University. He did not know it, but one day he would call this woman his wife. Initially they became friends; it was not until their junior year that they began to test the waters of a romantic relationship. When they graduated, they moved to Atlanta where she is originally from; it is still contested whether he followed her there for love. They became very close very fast, as if they had known each other for year. There was never a question of whether or not they would be married, but when Terrell would ask her and seal the deal. On what she thought was a spontaneous trip to New York City he proposed while they were spinning atop The View, a revolving restaurant at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. She happily agreed ready to begin building their lives together. For their engagement session, they decided on a Hollywood Glam theme, which is the same inspiration as their wedding. They hired Janet Howard Studio to turn their vision into reality as they headed to Centennial Park throughout Downtown Atlanta for their photo shoot. We hope the lovely couple all the best in their upcoming nuptials.


Isn't this couple's Save the Date so cute!

How They Met

Ashlynn and Terrell met in 2004 during their first year at Clemson University. It was during a welcome week event for incoming freshmen hosted at the on-campus bowling alley, when a mutual friend introduced the two. There was definitely initial attraction between the two, but only a friendship would develop between them. It wasn't until their junior year, after becoming best friends that they would find themselves falling for each other and decide to become more than "just friends."

After college, Ashlynn and Terrell both moved to Atlanta, which was Ashlynn's hometown (yes, he followed her and no, he will never admit it!). As both transitioned into post-college life and got a taste of what the “real world” was like, it became obvious early on that through thick and thin the bond they shared was incomparable. The two worked hard to set up their respective careers in hopes of starting a foundation to build their future together. It would soon become a question of “when” they would get married and not “if.”

The Proposal

Terrell planned a last minute trip to New York the weekend before Christmas; well what Ashlynn thought was a last minute trip. Terrell had been planning the trip for months and received blessings from Ashlynn's parents to ask for her hand in marriage. The trip began with a day of fun in New York City visiting 9/11 monuments and other fun museums. Terrell told Ashlynn he had a romantic date planned in the city for later that night. What would soon become their most romantic date ever was at a restaurant called The View. It sat atop the New York Marriott Marquis on the 47th & 48th floors, and was the city's only revolving restaurant. It had the best view of the entire city. Terrell shared his future vision of his life and mentioned to Ashlynn that he could not imagine his life without her! After a few playful gestures, in only Terrell fashion, he distracted Ashlynn by pointing out the altering view. After a few moments of gazing out at the view, Ashlynn would turn around to Terrell on bended knee with a ring box in hand and he asked her, "Will you marry me?" In total shock, Ashlynn asked repeatedly “Are you serious?” and after a few confirmations from Terrell, she gladly accepted. Ashlynn was completely surprised and had no idea Terrell was even thinking about proposing, it was exactly what they both wanted. It was a very romantic evening of dinner and drinks, followed by great music and dancing at a nearby lounge to celebrate. It was one of the most memorable nights for Ashlynn and Terrell.

The Engagement Session

The inspiration for our engagement session was the same inspiration for our wedding, “Hollywood Glam.” We had a creative idea to design a movie poster save the date and wanted to incorporate elegant engagement pictures. Our amazing wedding photographer Janet Howard captured all of our engagement images at some of our favorite places in downtown Atlanta. We then enlisted graphic designer Lamar Scott, with Gladiator Grafix, to design the movie poster save the date. We also wanted to show our personalities during the engagement shoot, and enjoyed working with Janet to capture various playful images in Centennial Park

Looking Forward to the Wedding

We are truly looking forward to having all of our close family and friends together for one night celebrating our union. We truly value the sanctity of marriage and want our loved ones to witness this next step in our journey. These are the people that mean the most to us and have supported and prayed for us throughout our 7-year relationship. It means the world to be able to share this moment with them.


Graffic Designer: Lamar Scott

Photography: Janet Howard Studio

  1. Candace Pringle Holcombe

    You two look fabulous! I love all of the pics, but my favorite is the one where Ashlynn is up close smiling in the red dress with the pearls and you can see the engagement ring too. You look close, personal, happy, etc. But once again you two look great and happy in all of them. Wishing you many blessings in your union! Always great to see joyous couples!

  2. Bradley Elliot

    nice way to snapshot all the bride and groom, which showing different footage in every single moment.

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