Sensual Bridal Boudoir Styled Shoot by Snowdrop Photography

The styled shoot was exquisitely crafted to celebrate the strength and femininity found in women. With it's warm color pallet, romantic florals, and simple design the bride becomes the star of the show. Each of the three looks is unique and highlights the bride's natural beauty.

Reading all about the inspiration and design details for this sensual bridal boudoir styled shoot below.

We created Fine Art Sensual Bridal Boudoir Shoot, to highlight feminine beauty in highly creative, aesthetic manner. It is often said that Diamonds are the girls best friends. I am sure a good percentage of that is true, but, I can tell that floral are the girls best embellishments thorough out time from centuries. We often see depictions of beautiful damsels with florals and this attempt of ours is a tribute to the Women across the centuries who truly believed in themselves and felt beautiful in all forms and colors. 

The first look reflected on drapes from the roman times where Laura wraps herself in a white drape and indulges in a floral magic. Each of these looks show her with a demeanor or inner peace, beauty and tenderness.

The second look then takes us to a modern twist of bridal boudoir that bring us memories of the beautiful brides from France who are spending precious time in their boudoir quarters rejuvenating and refreshing. These pictures depict the beauty, grace and femininity. 

The last look brings up a more confident, forward thinking beautiful bride. She does not hesitate to take control if needed be it in her style or her life! Our love and support to all the women out there! The world is your place to blossom and the beauty you have in your heart is your strength.

 ~ Olga and Sri Namburi of Snowdrop Photography

Photography: Snowdrop Photography
Make up: Eszter Tary Makeup
Florals: Spring Bouquet Flowers
Calligraphy: Allison Dee Calligraphy
Model: Laura Arana Castillo

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