Michelle and Devin’s Luxurious Fairytale Wedding at the Venetian

NFL New England Patriot Devin McCourty and Medical Doctor Michelle McCourty tie-the-knot in their beautiful fairytale wedding, luxuriously decorated with absolutely no details overlooked. Featured in the Summer 2017 Issue of MunaLuchi Bride Magazine this stunning event took place in Spring at the Venetian in Garfeld, NJ.

Read all about Michelle and Devin's love story, romantic Disney World proposal, and wedding experiences. See the entire vendor list below and view the complete selected image gallery by MunaLuchi Coterie member Manuel Montenegro of Montenegro Photography here.

Bride & Groom: Devin and Michelle McCourty
Occupations: Devin - Professional Football Player for the New England Patriots. Michelle - Medical Doctor.
Wedding Location: the Venetian, Garfield NJ
Wedding Date: April 30, 2016

On some level, at some time, every woman wishes to feel like royalty, and every man to be her charming prince. That desire is usually encapsulated in two moments; during a proposal and on the wedding day. Everyone wants the perfect fairytale proposal...a day of romantic indulgence, sentimental gestures, breathtaking views, a declaration of love and devotion… He gets down on one knee and your surroundings fade away as the true reality of the moment becomes undoubtedly apparent. His mouth is forming the words but shock prevents your ability to hear. You look at the ring and through joyful sobs with shortened breath say “I do.”

Unknown to Michelle, a moment such as this would be orchestrated for her by a college friend years after their initial meeting - the summer of her freshmen year as a pre-med student at Rutgers University. Devin, a sophomore at the time, was already a prominent athlete on his way to a successful football career. Though their friendship was close, Michelle was already involved “in a previous long term relationship from high school, so we never took it past a fun friendship back then,” she recalls. It would be years before their friendship blossomed into romance when Devin, now a professional athlete for the New England Patriots, returned to Rutgers for off-season training with other Rutgers NFL players, and Michelle was pursuing the later stages of medical school in becoming a Medical Doctor.

Their love for each other took hold completely as their relationship continued to progress until Devin, knowing that Michelle was the one, began to put into place the necessary steps in ensuring that their lives would forever be spent together. Michelle fondly remembers that wonderful day, “our proposal was nothing short of a fairytale-preceded by bits of drama to add to the suspense. We had already planned a family trip to Disneyworld with myself, Dev, his twin brother Jason and his wife Melissa and 2 year old daughter Liana. We had spent the whole day at a Universal studios park, went back to the hotel to get freshened up to go to Disneyworld that night to see the fireworks and for little Liana to meet some princesses that were set up by her parents in advance. Turns out there was a ton of traffic, so we missed the fireworks. Then, the monorail stopped working. So the only way out of Disney was the ferry. Once we got off the ferry to go into Disney, there were thousands of people blocking our way in because they were all trying to get onto the ferry. It was complete mayhem and everybody was in a standstill. We finally got inside the park after at least an hour of pushing through the crowd. It was already around 11pm, and I was shocked the Magic Kingdom castle was still open, with people online and everything, waiting to meet princesses inside. At first I was going to pass on pics with princesses since I knew it was for my niece, but Dev insisted we be in the them. We got to Rapunzel, who made a comment about Dev being my prince charming-which I sarcastically brushed off. Then Belle. Then Cinderella-who also made a comment saying tonight may be a special night. But I ignored her, too. Suddenly, our tour guide gives Dev a box-and Dev pulls out a pair of glass slippers. I looked quickly at them and said aww how pretty (didn't notice that our names were engraved on them). Then as I go to walk away from Cinderella, Dev says wait-let's see if they fit. They were kids/display sized shoes so I knew it was a joke. He even got on one knee to pretend to put the glass slippers on my feet. I just said, "umm they're not going to fit, get up." Then I look and Liana, who was sitting on Jason's shoulders, hands Dev a small box as he remains on his knees. And suddenly, a ton of cameras start flashing in our direction. I honestly still was clueless for a few more seconds until Dev opened the box and I realized what was happening. He said some loving words which, honestly, I can't remember at all because I was so in shock. All I kept saying was, "No way, no way, no way" as more cameras flashed-and then kept hearing 2 year old Liana repeat "No way, Tio, no way!" I heard the "will you marry me", and I said yes! And more cameras flashed haha. Disney workers then gave us bride and groom mickey and minnie hats, a bouquet of flowers, and a ton more pics inside and outside of the castle. I also then realized that the people on line were just actors to make the whole thing believable, because the castle really was closed! Disney definitely knows how to make an engagement special :) fairytale for sure.”

For Michelle wedding Dress shopping was not easy, “I love all things bling and sparkle,” she states, “I went to so many boutiques between MA and NJ/NY and failed.” Only loving some elements of multiple dresses she decided her perfect dress wouldn’t exist until she made it, “so with lots of work and imagination and Callabo with Pnina and her assistant Allison, we created my custom dress by using the shell of one of her dresses and adding the crystal bling embroidery from another one of her dresses. It turned out amazing!”

On April 30th 2016 the Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey hosted an evening of teal & silver opulence with beautiful white floral decor. Bride and groom themed ice sculptures paid tribute to their accomplishments in the form of New England Patriot and Medical doctor symbolism, as well as Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle in reference to their place of engagement. With a seven hour open premium bar, a delicious array of cuisines, and a “dessert extravaganza” it was certainly an event to remember.

Favorite item on the menu: the entire HUGE cocktail hour galore, 7 hour open premium bar, and end of the night Dessert extravaganza with every and any dessert you could think of! Nobody walked out hungry...or sober
First dance song: Ed Sheeran "Thinking out loud”

What is your best memory from your wedding? Best highlight was the First Dance-dancing on clouds (dry ice fog effect) surrounded by floor fireworks. It was enchanting and everyone talked about it. Also, during the reception, epic moment of having all New England Patriots players and guest go crazy on the dance floor upon hearing the song by Rick Ross "Pop that" lyrics "Ballin' ballin' like I play for New England!" as simulated snow fell from the sky of the dance floor (we had just won the superbowl that February).

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Even though the planning can get stressful, remember why you are doing it. It’s about the marriage and the union-the wedding is just one day. Keep yourselves grounded in each other's love and support, don't let the stress overpower the meaning of it all. Lean on each other and maintain communication-try to do pre-marital counseling during your engagement. It will help you learn and/or restore what the actual foundations of marriage are, whether religious or not, balance out your expectations, teach communication tools, iron out some loose ends or help you work through any obstacles, and remind you both of what the whole point of your union is and should be. Like Dev used to tell me, the goal is not to get married, it's to STAY married.

Bride's dress: Pnina Tornai
Bride's shoes: Louboutin
Catering: The Venetian
Ceremony venue: The Venetian
Event decor/design: Elliott Events
Entertainment: DJ Rich Joseph
Event planner: Elliott Events
Florals: Elliott Events
Groom's attire: Alba Legacy
Groom’s shoes: Louboutin
Hair: Bridal Butterflies
Lighting: Magic Moments
Makeup: Robin Chism
Photography: Montenegro Photography
Reception venue: The Venetian
Videography: McKenzie Miller Films
Rentals: Lily V Events
Transportation: New Jersey Limo Bus

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