Jennifer and Quantrell’s Elegant CityScape Wedding in New York

MunaLuchi Bride Magazine Winter 2017 Feature: Jennifer and Quantrell
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Jennifer and Quantrell’s elegant ivory wedding featured a breathtaking city backdrop and catered to five hundred guests. Elements of Quantrell’s African and Jamaican culture were combined with Jennifer’s Indian and Guyanese culture, represented in both hand-fasting and Jaimala garland ceremonies. The bridesmaids also wore traditional Indian jewelry and the groomsmen wore Nehru collar suits. The reception was full of multicultural music, including Soca and Reggae, as well as live tassa drumming, and Caribbean stilt walkers.
Jennifer surprised her father by wearing a traditional Indian bridal outfit for the father/daughter dance, being carried out onto the floor in a doli – a symbolism of the bride departing her parents’ home, creating an emotional moment for them both.

Read all about Jennifer and Quantrell's love story, romantic proposal, and experiences in their elegant cityscape wedding in New York. Featuring the work of MunaLuchi Coterie members, Married by Rev Roxy, and Luxor Wedding Films. View the entire selected gallery by 456 Weddings Photography here.

Bride & Groom: Jennifer & Quantrell
Wedding Location: Long Island City, New York
Wedding Date: September 16th 2017

Jennifer and Quantrell first met as co-workers. Quantrell was already employed at the company when Jennifer was going through the interview process. Immediately attracted to Jennifer, Quantrell highly recommended her being hired – trying to use his influence over the decision. Much to his satisfaction, Jennifer was hired for the position. With the assistance of Jennifer’s friend, Quantrell was able to attain Jennifer’s phone number. Not wanting to act too hastily, he waited a few weeks before making that first call. It was a call that changed both of their lives as they have been happily together ever since.

Fast forward to September 14th 2015, the eve of Jennifer’s 28th birthday. At this point in their relationship Jennifer was confident a proposal was on the horizon, and assumed her birthday would be the perfect time for it. Her instincts would prove to be correct but just the same Quantrell was going to do his best to make it a surprise. Quantrell told Jennifer that his home was being painted and take her time coming home from work. She thought for sure this was a distraction for a proposal, but when she arrived she found a freshly painted house and Quantrell nowhere to be found. Unbeknownst to Jennifer, he was at her parent’s house asking for their blessing.
That evening they enjoyed a romantic dinner together with rose petals and candle light. Jennifer was expecting the proposal to follow but the night carried on like any other; relaxing in each other’s company while watching some television. Jennifer began have doubts about a proposal this birthday. Midnight came and past and with it her birthday officially began. Quantrell wished her a happy birthday and presented a card and large box. Jennifer opened the large box to find a small gold foil jewelry box inside, but no engagement ring. In that moment of excitement and confusion Quantrell got down on one knee and revealed another jewelry box, this one containing a beautiful engagement ring. After an emphatic “yes,” Jennifer opened her card which read, “this will be one of the best day of our lives together.”
Jennifer and Quantrell knew that they were “the one” for each other after nine years of unshakable commitment, despite the ups and downs, and the disagreements, they continue to respect each other as individuals and simply can’t see spending the rest of their lives with anyone else.

Quick Facts from the Bride:
Wedding Flowers: White roses, phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangeas, and lilies.
Favorite Item on Menu: There was so much excitement, we didn’t get to eat. The guest said the food was great though!
Bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaids - Shoes, robes, and jewelry. Groomsmen - Flask
First Dance Song: “Here and Now” by Luther Vandross

Best Memories: “Our best memory was all of our entertainment and the party portion of our reception. We had the indoor fireworks, an LED Robot shooting dry ice into the crowd, stilt walkers, the tassa band, champagne brought out with sparklers, hookah, and a confetti cannon. It was all so much fun, neither our guest nor we were bored. It was a great party, and that was really what we wanted!”

Advice for Engaged Couples: “The best advice I can give to an engaged couple is to have boundaries with your bridal party when you plan your wedding. This is especially if you have a large bridal party. Our bridal party was 18 people in total. Initially, it’s a happy time, but as things progress you see a shift, because planning a wedding doesn’t have only happy moments. It’s can become a stressful time for everyone a part of the wedding, and if you don’t have boundaries it can cause a rift in valuable relationships. Also, be prepared for the unexpected. I got sick on my wedding day and threw up from after the ceremony, and well into the next day. I would have never expected that to happen to me. Still and all I had a good time, because I went into the day with the mind frame that whatever was going to happen would happen, and there was nothing I could do about it. I would take small breaks to tend to my illness and then go right back to the party. People didn’t notice anything was wrong because I had the best time!
Last, it’s your money being spent, don’t let anyone else spend it for you. Be sure that you are spending your money on things you can afford and need. Last, wedding planners and coordinators are great, but can be too opinionated in a day that’s about what you want-- I didn’t choose to have a wedding planner because of this. I went with a wedding coordinator instead, and didn’t seek that out until most of my planning was done. So again, set boundaries with EVERYONE.”

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Bride’s Dress: Andrea Campbell, Pantora Bridal
Bridal Salon: Pantora Bridal
Bride’s Headpiece: Andrea Campbell, Pantora Bridal
Bride’s Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Bridesmaids Dresses: Akini and Gilani
Cakes/Desserts: There Should Always be Cake
Catering: Andolphs Gourment Catering, Da Mikelle Illagio
Ceremony Venue: LIC Landing
Event Decor/Design: Sacia Shirley of Just Ask Sacia
Stilt walkers: Tropical Fete
LED Robot and Pyro Effects: Royal Events NY
DJ and MC: DJ Speed-E and DJ Echo
Hookah and Bottle Girls: Hookah Vixens
Day of Wedding Coordinator: Platinum Celebrations Inc.
Florals: Elegant Floral Designs
Groom’s Attire: Buddy Tailors - Thailand
Groomsmen Attire: Buddy Tailors – Thailand, and Lords of Stitch and Print
Hair: White Label Hair and Paegan Vernon
Lighting: Da Mikelle Illagio
Linens: Da Mikelle Illagio
Makeup: Kim K Sharma
Photography: 456 Weddings
Reception Venue: Da Mikelle Illagio
Rentals: All in One Party Rentals NY
Stationery: Stylish Print
Videography: Luxor Wedding Films
Officiant: Rev Roxy - Reverend Roxanne Birchfield

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